snow lotus adrenal support essential oil blend, 10 ml

'Adrenal Support' Therapeutic Blend (Snow Lotus) [10ml]

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10 ml

Adrenal Support is a fresh, balsamic and conifer-green blend that is deeply restorative and balancing. It is an important blend for promoting and regulating optimal cortisol production in the adrenal cortex. 

Typical symptoms of adrenocortical deficiency include:

  • fatigue,
  • lack of stamina and follow-through,
  • a feeling of being easily stressed or overwhelmed,
  • mental fogginess,
  • exhaustion,
  • low immunity with reduced resistance to illness, 
  • nervous tension,
  • irritability,
  • muscle tension,
  • a tendency to allergies and other immune dysregulations.

Adrenal Support may be helpful in menopausal syndrome and any other condition presenting these typical symptoms. 

Adrenal Support may also be helpful as a comprehensive tonic for adrenal fatigue, that helps build up deep stamina and endurance.

Click here for a Quick Reference guide on how to use your essential oils and blends.

Dominant oils: Rosemary, Scotch pine, Thyme ct. linalool, Lavender, jojoba oil 15%

  • Rosemary: Stimulating and awakening in conditions of lethargy and depression. Increases mental focus and memory, while enhancing motivation, self-confidence, and self-assertion.
  • Scotch pine: Clarifies and collects the mind, helping with mental confusion, distraction, and inability to focus. Ideal for weakness and low stamina, often used in chest rubs to treat various respiratory conditions.
  • Thyme linalool: Regulating and tonifying by nature, Thyme linalool is useful for mood swings, mental inconsistencies, and energy swings.
  • Lavender: Soothes, calms, and harmonizes, relieving nervous tension. 


Chinese Medicine function: Tonifies Kidney Qi, strengthens the Spleen, activates Qi stagnation from deficiency and harmonizes the Shen.


For external use only. Properly dilute all essential oils in lotion or vegetable carrier oil before massage or other topical use. Keep out of reach of children. If you are pregnant, nursing, have any health conditions, or are taking medications, please consult your healthcare provider before using essential oils.

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Adrenal Support

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