Antioxidants for Dogs

Antioxidants for Dogs

Quality Pet Food

High quality pet food often comes with added vitamins and minerals that can support a healthy life for your canine companion.  Often they are tailored to life stages as well, because puppies, adult dogs, and senior dogs all have different nutritional needs.  Make sure to get food with enough crude protein, and some added fruits and vegetables.  

Some of these nutrients, called antioxidants, are also known for their ability to reduce oxidization in the body, which has many health benefits including some anti-cancer properties.  

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Whole Food Additions

There are some "people foods" that are good for dogs.  You can try including these in their diet in small amounts as tolerated.

  • Green beans, steamed broccoli, spinach
  • Sweet potatoes, cooked yellow squash
  • Strawberries, blackberries, blueberries
  • Mangoes, tomatoes 

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Ask your vet about supplements for you dog if you still want to do more for them.  There are mushrooms, vitamins, probiotics, and fish oils out there that are specially formulated for dogs and other animals.  Antioxidants like selenium, beta carotene, vitamins c and e, and polyphenols can help puppies with vaccine recognition, adult dogs minimize inflammation, and senior dogs fight disease.  

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Sources include: Vetericyn, and Care Animal Hospital, both staffed with vets.

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About the Author:  Kat Powers holds a MSOM from NUNM in Portland OR, and enjoys supporting and educating people about natural health topics for themselves and their pets.  

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