• Brain Bleed

    “Website is easy to use and always fast shipping. I have been giving this supplement to my pug under the care of her neurologist for a brain bleed. It has almost been a year and she is doing great.”
    -Linda D., USA

  • Nosebleed

    “I started ordering Yunnan Bayao for my dog for nosebleeds. All I can say is, without it, my dog would have already crossed the rainbow bridge. With proper guidance from Rich of Epsilon Acupuncture, I was able to give the proper dosage to my chihuahua Bean."
    -Joe S., USA

  • External Lipoma

    “Rich of Epsilon Acupunture was able to expedite my order for the Yunnan Baiyao Powder. This is for my cat who has an external lipoma and this powder helps keep it from bleeding and keeps it dry. My veterinarian had recommended trying this particular Chinese herb. “
    -Sheryl B., USA

The Journey of Epsilon Acupuncture

Rich Lee is the driving force behind Epsilon Acupuncture.

His childhood was immersed in martial arts and the healing touch of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

As he joined the corporate life, however, he was soon dillusioned. Rich couldn't reconcile the money-driven corporate culture with the customer-centric values that he was taught in Martial Arts and Chinese Medicine.

Driven by a mission to align his values with his work, Rich took a leap of faith, leaving behind his corporate career to pursue TCM studies in Portland.

Delving deeper, he discovered TCM's potential for animal wellness, sparking a new chapter in his journey.

With unwavering dedication, Rich founded Epsilon Acupuncture, driven by a passion to share the transformative benefits of TCM and advocate for its role in pet health.

  • Tested for potency and effectiveness

  • Guidance from licensed practitioners

  • Hassle-free returns & customer support

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