Benefits to Exercising with Animals

Benefits to Exercising with Animals

Ideas to Try

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There are many ways to enjoy the company of animals and get your body moving at the same time.  Dog walking is a great way to get out there, but if you have an indoor cat - try getting a toy on a stick and making it a whole body thing like a dance or marching routine!  You can also try goat yoga or horseback riding!  


Epsilon Acupuncture the benefits of working out with animals

Animals tug at our heartstrings and can get us excited to spend time with them.  They can remind us what it feels like to be playful, and remind us to be responsible.  When we only have ourselves to take care of it can be harder to make healthy choices.  Letting animals inspire us can remind us to make good choices for them, and for ourselves because they need us.


Epsilon Acupuncture benefits of working out with animals 

Animals can help us feel less lonely and isolated by offering unconditional love.  They can even boost our mood by decreasing the stress hormone cortisol and increasing serotonin.  Animals can be sensitive to our emotions, and service dogs can even be trained to support people with mental health issues.

Cardiovascular Health

Epsilon Acupuncture animals motivate us

Aerobic activity is a great way to lower your risk of cardiovascular and other obesity related diseases, and our pets need it too.  Many Americans are overweight according to the CDC, and according to a survey of veterinarians many of our animals are overweight too.  Talking and petting dogs has been shown to help, and can even lower blood pressure.  So go outside or over to your yoga mat and get moving with your animal companions today!


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