Chemical Free Mosquito Solutions

Chemical Free Mosquito Solutions

Chemical mosquito sprays containing DEET can have health related and environmental side effects, but are always recommended if you're in an area where mosquitos can carry disease like Zika.  If you're having a backyard gathering in a non-tropical environment, it can be nice to have some non-chemical options available. 

Epsilon Acupuncture backyard mosquito tricks

Electronic Dance Music

According to this study, electronic dance music was observed to reduce host attacks, feeding, and copulating behaviors in the Ae Aegypti species of mosquito.  This species is found in tropical climates, and is the most likely species to carry diseases.  The implication is that mosquitos do use sound to interact, so certain types of music might disturb their behavior.  With results this promising more studies are needed, but if you're looking for anything that might help a little bit, go ahead and play some dance music at your outdoor party.

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Essential Oils

Some essential oils have been studied and found to offer protection against mosquitos and other biting insects for up to 3 hours when diluted appropriately (at certain strengths and mixed with a carrier oil to avoid skin irritation).  If you find a brand you like that offers a repellant, you might want to try it.  Keep in mind that because essential oils aren't regulated by the FDA, some are more effective than others and it's always best to use a reputable source.  We like Snow Lotus because of how they cultivate and process their materials, and they've passed our trial by use tests.  

The essential oils found to be most effective according to Healthline are as follows:

Lemon eucalyptus - this is the most effective, and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) has actually approved it as a mosquito repellant ingredient.  (Caution in children under 3 years old.)

Lavender - this oil has been found to reduce mosquito bites on hairless mice, and also has antibacerial and antifungal properties.  

Cinnamon - this oil has also been studied, and found to reduce bites and kill mosquito eggs.

Thyme - Thyme is a great oil to have around because it can be soothing when you're sick, and it mixes will with many other oils.  According to this study  it also helps repel mosquitos.

Catnip - can help repel mosquitos as well, according to this source.

Citronella - can be very helpful, even approaching DEET levels, but research shows it's dependent on how it's mixed, and can evaporate quickly.

Tea Treetesting indicated that tea tree (melaleuca) can repel mosquitos from biting, and this one also has antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Epsilon Acupuncture essential oils

Double Duty

Why buy an essential oil to repel mosquitos when you can have one that also clears your sinuses.  Most of the above mentioned oils have other therapeutic potential.  Check out these oils from our stock that do double duty.  All of the below listed essential oil blends also have ingredients listed above as mosquito repellants.  

Sinus Clear


Adrenal Support

Ear Liniment

Cramp Ease


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