Chinese New Year 2023

Chinese New Year 2023

Meaning Behind Yin Water Rabbit

Sunday January 22, 2023 marks the Chinese New Year.  This next cycle offers us the energy of the Water Rabbit.  

Symbolic associations of Water in Chinese Medical theory include winter, quiet, yin, wisdom, stamina, and calm or in pathology - fear.  It also includes kidney, bladder, ears, and bones. 

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The Rabbit is associated with the organ system of the Large Intestine.  This organ has some metal energy and the time of day is early morning, 3-5am.  This time of the day is considered the time of sunrise and the push it can take to get your day started.  It also symbolically helps us to let go of the past to make room for the future.  

Cosmic Energy's Possible Effect on Health

It's not every year that we see health issues change with the shifting energy of the cosmos, but it is possible to see this in some cases.  For the past two years of Yang Water, including the Tiger or Lung year, it was arguably more obvious than usual.  The aggressive toxic phlegm of the Covid-19 pandemic did happen to coincide with Yang Water years.  

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In the calendrical system, there are two yang years followed by two yin years.  We are leaving the yang water and entering yin water.  What this predicts as far as the energy of the body is yet another year of the potential for excess phlegm, but hopefully not as aggressive as we have been seeing.  The Large Intestine is also an organ system that helps us release excess water, so hopefully we will see less acute water pathology.


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