Chinese New Year 2021 Yin Metal Ox

Chinese New Year 2021 Yin Metal Ox


This is the time of the year when the Yang Qi is starting to emerge from the Yin darkness of winter, and is the beginning of the elemental yearly cycle.  

Epsilon Acupuncture Metal Symbolic Meaning


Physiological correspondences according to Classical Chinese Medicine:

The organs associated with Metal are the Lung and the Large Intestine.  The Lung is seen as a delicate organ, and the Large Intestine seen as clean due to it's ability to help clean the body. 

The emotions of Metal are grief and awe.

When we nourish the Metal we balance the water and minerals in our bodies, and release unprocessed grief so that we may feel as sense of awe and wonder.

Yin Metal:

The Yin aspect is more material or physical than the yang aspect.  In consideration of pathologies this would indicate substance, i.e. phlegm in the physical body.  (A Yang year would produce more Qi level pathologies.)

In Pathology:

Due to the sensitivity of the Lung Organ Network, pathology in a physical sense happens very easily, and the Lung is affected every time we get sick.  It is difficult to protect the Lung Network from temperature and weather changes - it can become too hot, too dry, too cold, or too damp.  

Epsilon Acupuncture  Year of the Ox Meaning


Physiological correspondences according to Classical Chinese Medicine:

The Ox in the Chinese Zodiac corresponds to the Liver, and is the second system of the year.  In mythology the Jade Emperor ordered the animals after their arrival across the river, and the Ox was in the lead, but the Rat tricked the Ox into giving him a ride.  The Rat then hopped off at the shore and arrived first, making the Ox the second.  

The Ox is hardworking, honest, and rarely seeks praise.  They are logical, kind, and rarely lose their temper.  

In Pathology:

 The Liver out of balance can manifest as headaches, red eyes or face, hormonal issues, and high blood pressure.  Emotionally watch out for anger, laziness, and lack of motivation or direction.  

Epsilon Acupuncture Chinese New Year Explained

Putting It Together

This is the second metal year in a row, and we must continue to be aware of the delicate nature of the Lungs (the Yin Metal Organ).  As we have seen in 2020, toxic damp of the Lungs can manifest as virulent and pandemic in nature.  It can be helpful to protect the "wind-gate" which is a series of points on the neck.  This can be done simply with a scarf.  As always, follow your provider's recommendations for immune system support.

The Ox asks us to be aware of our workload and our temper.  Liver support or cleanses may be beneficial this year, including supportive herbs like milk thistle.  Watch toxic overloads like endogenous hormone imbalances, or exogenous factors such as toxicity from cleaning products or alcohol consumption.  


A Further Word About the Article

This article is largely informed by my Master's Degree in Classical Chinese Medicine.  Additional sources and reading material available upon request.  Classical Chinese Medicine is similar but not identical to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine).  Organs are capitalized to indicate that I am speaking of Chinese Medical Theory in which the organs are not necessarily directly correlated to the Western Medicine concept of said organs.  For example, the Lungs govern the Qi from the air, and are also seen to have other correspondences than just the air sacks and tubes we use for breathing.  They govern the rhythm of life, the movement of Qi, and the defensive layers of the body - which are similar but not the same as immunity.  

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