Dieting and Health

Dieting and Health

Diet vs Dieting

Eating a healthy diet has always been the key to looking and feeling one's best.  But dieting for weight loss has become a "health" topic on many blogs and social media sites.  There are always trends and fad diets, but what does healthy eating really mean?  And how does one achieve and maintain a healthy weight?

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Patience for the Healthy Way

To loose weight in a healthy way often takes time.  The first and most important thing to remember is that your body requires nutrition.  That fact cannot be argued, and does not change by type.  The human body simply needs enough protein, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to function.  Often the body struggles to digest and absorb the nutrients you ARE eating, so limiting calories in a healthy way requires a lot of thought.  Always at least consider consulting a health or alternative health care provider before you change your diet drastically.

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Add, Don't Just Limit

Eating whole foods that are not processed is a great first step.  This helps you focus on what you are adding, not just what you are taking away.  It can be more challenging to only limit yourself.  Try adding vegetables to every meal.  It's a great way to get necessary nutrition and increase satiation.  Once you adjust to it, you might crave fewer unhealthy carbs.

If you enjoy certain textures consider healthier replacements.  For example, if you drink flavored lattes or sodas, consider alternatives that keep the creaminess or carbonation that you like.  Kambucha can be a nice substitute for soda, or sparkling water.  Using alternative milks like oat milk can help regular tea or coffee feel more special and satisfying because they add texture and richness.  

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Get Support

Your local acupuncturist, naturopath, or nutritionalist can help you tune into your own body, and overcome any obstacles you have.  Poor digestion can complicate your health picture, but herbs and enzymes can help you to absorb what you need from the food that you eat.  Once your body is doing that in a healthy way, you will likely have less hunger for food that makes you gain unhealthy weight.  They can also help you reduce bloat, and reduce stress. 

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More on Stress

Cortisol is actually a huge factor in weight management, which is behind the hormone fad diet.  Cortisol is a hormone, and along with the sex hormones can influence how you store weight.  But it makes so much more sense to regulate your hormones and stress with a health care provider than to buy into fad diet hype.  Fads may help you lose weight in the short term,  but other aspects of health are best also considered.  

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Kat Powers holds a MSOM from NUNM in Portland OR, and enjoys supporting and educating people about natural health topics for themselves and their pets.

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