Eating With the Seasons: Autumn

Eating With the Seasons: Autumn

Autumn in Chinese Medicine

Chinese Medical Theory associates each time of the year with a different element.  The element of autumn is Metal, which we correlate with reflection, awe, wonder, and grief.  

Now is the time of year to sit quietly by the side of a still lake and reflect.  This energy is also a great reminder that we all have grief, and that our society does not always allow for the adequate processing of it.  Often we press on with our busy lives instead of acknowledging the feeling of loss, an unpleasant one.  

Autumn reflection Epsilon Acupuncture

Acknowledging emotions is about recognizing your feelings, recognizing that as a reasonable response to your life, and then letting go.  If you need support with this process you can try a meditation App like HeadspaceTalk therapy is also a very supportive practice for the energy of grief and Autumn.  Click here to find a provider near you.

The Metal Organs

The "organs" associated with autumn in Chinese Medicine are the Lung and Large Intestine.  (The Chinese Medicine concepts correlate only loosely with Western definitions.)  In health your lungs help regulate the rhythm of your life, support talking and teaching, and metal in general is said to help us analyze.  The large intestine helps our bodies stay clean and help us push through the morning to be productive.

Teacher Epsilon Acupuncture Lung Qi

Professors and other orators are a great example of healthy Lung Qi!

In pathology the metal organs can get too hot, too cold, weak, or congested.  That can lead to frequent illness, constipation, cough, allergies, and feeling weak.  Here are some things to eat that can be supportive of the Metal organs.


Foods to Eat to Support the Metal of the Body in Autumn

High quality sea salt with adequate trace minerals


Drink half your body weight in ounces of water per day




Potatoes, Yams

Mustard Greens

Barley Malt




Licorice root tea

Yams in autumn Epsilon Acupuncture

More Specifically

Individual recommendations are based on what has gone out of balance with the individual's body.  For adequate diagnosis please see your local acupuncturist.  

For phlegm in the lungs (productive cough) one can try fennel, fenugreek, cayenne, mushroom, flaxseed, radish, ginger, and garlic.  It's also best to avoid dairy, peanuts, and soy until the phlegm clears up.  

Radish Epsilon Acupuncture

For dryness (dry cough, dry stool) one can try peach, apple, orange, watermelon, banana, tomato, soy milk, string beans, flaxseed, oyster, clam, eggs, and pork. 

About this Article

Epsilon Acupuncture does not diagnose or treat any disease.  Our articles are informed and researched by a licensed acupuncturist, Kat Powers L. Ac., but are not intended to replace primary care - they are intended to be supportive to your regular medical and alternative medicine care schedules.  Please see a licensed provider regularly.




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