Eating With the Seasons: Winter

Eating With the Seasons: Winter

Winter in Chinese Medicine

Winter is a time of less daylight, and therefore it is seen as appropriate to be less active.  We are no longer part of a primarily agrarian society, so we have the means to be active from place to place in our heated cars.  There's something else going on though - our bodies do still react to the amount of light in a day.  Many people feel inclined to sit by the cozy fireplace and gather over a slow cooked meal.  

 Winter Epsilon Acupuncture

To get in touch with the energy of the season, try focusing on yin - receptivity, introspectiveness, meditation, and rest.  Refine your spirit and store your physical energy (it's seen as nomral to put on some extra weight in the winter).  Avoid fear and overwork.  


Water is the element of Winter in Chinese Medicine theory, and that relates to the organs of the bladder and kidneys.  These organ systems are seen to regulate energy, warmth, foundational growth, and reproductive health.

Foods that nourish the Kidneys include mushrooms (especially cordyceps), black sesame seeds, dark colored beans, and mineral rich foods like spirulina and seaweed. 

Winter Water Epsilon Acupuncture

Supportive Cooking

Cooking with lower heat for a longer period of time is traditionally used for soups and stews in the winter.  Although getting your greens is still important, it's recommended to cook them and avoid salads and raw foods to a certain degree.  Raw food has cooler properties, where slow cooked food is more warming.  However - you do you.  If you'd like to stick to your smoothie regimen, consider adding ginger, turmeric, or cinnamon to warm it up.

 Stew Epsilon Acupuncture

Here's a great recipe that uses ground dried mushrooms instead of flour to thicken a paleo and Whole30 friendly beef stew worth snuggling up to this winter.


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