Essential Oils for Wellness

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A Brief History

Ancient Egyptians are believed to be the first distillers of plants for oil, with distillation vessels found dating back to 3,500 BC.  China and India were also beginning to use plants and aromatics for healing purposes around that time.  Then the ancient Greeks including Hippocrates used the knowledge from Egypt and a belief in holistic care, including massage, to treat patients.

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Interest in natural health support and in minimizing chemicals has fostered an increase in interest in essential oils since the 1970's.  They can be found in may households to help with minor health complaints, for their cleansing properties, and for their enjoyable smell.  Today there are many single oils and blends to choose from, so we'd like to share some of our top picks.

 Our Favorite Brand

Here at Epsilon we have training in Chinese Medicine, so our favorite brand of essential oils is Snow Lotus.  Their oils are all certified organic, and they have specially formulated blends for specific health concerns.

Typically natural medicine shines its best when used right away, or as we say here at Epsilon: at the first sign of trouble.  Of course we have to say that if you have a health complaint that gets worse anyway - please see a doctor. 

Our absolute favorite top pick product is the Snow Lotus Ear Liniment. 

Ear infections and irritation from allergies can really be bothersome.  This product is applied with a finger dab behind the ear, and helps with pain, itching, and general discomfort of the ear. 

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It also smells fantastic (primarily of blue tansy).  It has tea tree, which is often used for its anti-microbial (anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal) properties which come from a compound called Terpinen-4-ol.  Our customers using hearing aids swear that regular use of this keeps their ears feeling fresh, and it's great for problem-prone kids.  


Stay tuned for our next post including our:

Top 5 List of Snow Lotus Products That Made Us Go "Woah."

Like we were already into essential oils, but these babies are impressive.  Coming Soon!

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