Firework Fear - How to Help Your Pets

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Tips from the RSPCA

Animals can be scared of fireworks and it's important that we know how to support them.  As a general rule do not scold or punish as that can make the issue worse in the long run.  It's okay to comfort your pets, and it's okay to leave them alone if you don't think they'll harm themselves.

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Bring Them Inside if Possible

Walk dogs before fireworks are likely to be set off, and keep your cat indoors that night.  The RSPCA recommends microchipping your pet so that you can be reunited in case of seperation.  Sometimes even indoor animals can bolt outside if they're afraid.  It's difficult to predict our pets behavior in moments of fear and stress.

Music Soothes

Once they're inside close the windows and blinds and turn on some music.  Keep the outside noises muffled as best as possible, and keep your pets distracted with music or familiar noise such as the television.

A Good Spot to Hide

Provide an area for your pet to hide like under furniture or in a quiet corner.  Blankets and familiar smells can help, and they might like to be able to see out.  Don't force or trap them.

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More Info and Happy Holidays

Here's the link to an RSPCA article that goes into more detail.  It includes info for horses and small animals as well.

Have a safe and happy July 4th from all of us at Epsilon!

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