Happy Chinese New Year Sales

Happy Chinese New Year Sales

Happy Year of the Water Tiger! 

Epsilon Acupuncture Year of the Tiger meaning and herbs

The five elements in Chinese medicinal theory are water, wood, fire, earth, and metal.  These elements are thought to flow through nature and each other, the seasons, and our bodies.  Water causes the wood to grow, wood can be burned to make fire, the ash from the fire generates earth, and the earth compresses into metal (minerals).  Water flows deeply in the bedrock, rich with minerals, to begin the cycle again.  

A Water Year

Epsilon Acupuncture Lung is the upper source of water

Water is the element of winter, and quiet stillness.  Water can be inspiring to meditate or relax next to, the sound of babbling brooks for example.  It can also be a strong force, and is capable of relentless power.  It is an element of new beginnings and cleansing, perfect for a new year.

The Tiger

The tiger is the animal that corresponds to the lung organ network system in Chinese medicine.  Some symbolic correlations include rhythm (like breathing), the Spring, the skin, and loosely the immune system.  The lung as an organ system represents one of the outer layers of the body, but it is a delicate organ.  It is recommended to wear a scarf when it is cold or windy to protect vulnerable acupuncture points that correspond to the lung and wind. 

Water Tiger and Your Body

Epsilon Acupuncture water metabolism and immune system support

Our bodies are composed of a very high percentage of saline solution, and have what Chinese medicine calls, "water metabolism."  We process moisture through our lungs, kidneys, bladder, and large intestine.  With the year's energy, it might serve us well to continue to take care of our lung health.  

Supportive Herb Sale

We're discounting Yin Chaio Chieh Tu Pien tablets, widely used to strengthen the body at the onset of cold or flu symptoms.  This formula supports the respiratory and immune system response, and may be taken preventatively if exposed.  Check out our page for more info and to purchase it.  


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