Home Remedies for Itchy Summer Skin

Home Remedies for Itchy Summer Skin

Flora Balance

Epsilon Acupuncture Summer Skin Tips

Our skin is naturally populated with bacteria and fungus as part of our immune defense agains more harmful microbes.  Sometimes this delicate balance gets thrown off by temperature or moisture changes.  Skin itching, patches of discoloration, and odor are possible outcomes of this change.  Not to worry though, there are a few things you can try at home before you head to the dermatologist. 

Natural Topicals

Epsilon Acupuncture honey

Coconut oil, honey, and vinegar are chemical free substances with anti-microbial properties.  Vinegar foot soaks can help keep summer feet in check by fighting minor fungal issues.  Coconut oil is great under socks, bras, and other clothing but don't expose that skin to summer sun because it can increase risk of sunburn.  Honey has been used in folk medicine worldwide for its anti-bacterial properties on minor cuts or burns and is great under bandages.

 Epsilon Acupuncture foot soak

Essential oils can help balance skin flora issues.  Snow Lotus Ear Liniment is designed to be applied behind the ears to help with itching from bacteria or fungus on a sub-clinical level.  It can also help the skin on other parts of the body.


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