How to Be a Better Pet Owner

How to Be a Better Pet Owner

This January we are focusing on pet focused self-improvement.  As we close out the month, you may not still be making resolutions, but it's always a good idea to know how to take care of pets.

You're in Charge

An animal might let you know what their wants are, but it is up to you to research the breed and consult with your vet to know what their needs are.  Most dogs would prefer to tell you how much they want to eat, and where they want to walk.  But ultimately you know best.  You know how much food keeps them at a healthy weight, and you know where it is safe to walk and how long you have in your day to do so.

Make sure you have some training support if you need it.  Providing structure for your animal can make them more comfortable trusting you. 

Epsilon Acupuncture pet ownership resolutions

Know Yourself First

Before adopting your next pet, be aware of how much time, energy, money, and attention you can give.  Bringing a pet into your life can help you change your lifestyle, but if you end up not keeping your resolution to walk, it's best to not have a high energy dog that needs those walks.  

If it Fits

Epsilon Acupuncture can help you and your pet

Sometimes it can be helpful to have people who know you or the animal help to match energy and personality.  Sometimes you just know, because you click with an animal. 


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