Illness and Chinese Herbs

Illness and Chinese Herbs

Here at Epsilon Acupuncture we of course continue to recommend that everyone follow guidelines set in place by the CDC and local health authorities, especially in regards to the current pandemic.

Herbs Can Help

In addition to social distancing and keeping clean, many people are seeking herbal formulas for immune system support, and for managing and improving the symptoms of illness.  While there is no cure or treatment for the current pandemic, some Chinese formulas can help with phlegm and congestion in general (which may or may not help with cough associated with viruses).  Our licensed acupuncturist is a fully trained Chinese herbalist.  

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Take Something Now, It's Not Too Early

For prevention of symptoms like congestion or cough we recommend Yu Ping Feng San.  This is the best formula we have to offer for those who have been exposed to illness, are elderly, or are immune-compromised but not sick.  This formula can also help with the common cold or allergies so it's a great one to have on your shelf.  Remember to always see a doctor if you are seriously ill, and follow the CDC's guidelines about the current pandemic.

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Ask Us Today

Getting the right herbs for your body and your current state of health is the best way to get results.  For a remote intake, or if you're just looking for advice, please don't hesitate to send us an email at 

Any recommendations are intended to help you decrease the severity and duration of illness.  Please continue to follow your doctor's advice. 

Our licensed acupuncturist:  Kat Powers LAc., licensed in the state of OR and nationally certified with the NCCAOM. 

To learn more about Kat, check out her website:

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