Improve Your Focus

Improve Your Focus

Feng Shui

This ancient concept encourages the treatment of space in such a way as to encourage the healthy movement of qi, and to welcome flow and balance into your life by starting with your space.

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Epsilon Acupuncture work from home focus tips

If you're more of a low-key decorator, try making different sections in your home, and designate a certain activity, energetic state, or time of day for that area.  Then migrate as you move between work, entertainment, and meals.  

Epsilon Acupuncture study nook

Your surroundings can be a contributing factor to your ability to focus.  Routinely being in a space designated for productive time can help us gather our thoughts.  Trying to work in front of the television or right by the fridge isn't impossible, but keeping an area for work that's free from distractions is setting yourself up for an easier time of it.  


Epsilon Acupuncture babbling brook soundscape

Music and other soundscapes like nature tracks can help us set the mood.  There is some science behind concentration and music. Check out our partners Focus@Will to access music channels curated to help the mind stay focused.  They have taken the concept ,"Beethoven makes you smarter," and further developed tracks to help match your energy level and concentration needs.  They even have stations for ADHD.  

Essential Oils


Try Focus, by Snow Lotus.  Wear this blend to help with states of distraction, mental confusion, poor attention, memory difficulties, difficulty getting up and going in the morning, and other similar conditions.

Dominant oils: Rosemary, May chang, Lemongrass, jojoba oil

  • Rosemary: Increases mental focus and memory, while enhancing motivation, self-confidence, and self-assertion.
  • May chang: Uplifting and clearing effects promote clear-headed thinking, emotional clarity, and self-assurance.  Helpful for emotional conflict.
  • Lemongrass: Promotes relaxed focus, poise, and clarity both mentally and emotionally.  Lemongrass can produce steady, collected mental creativity.

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