Interview With a Formula: Kang Ning Wan (Curing Pills)

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Digestive Complaints

Epsilon Acupuncture Curing Pills can help with stomach upset

Curing Pills are designed to aid in cases of digestive upset.  Digestive complaints can arise from external pathogens like illness or food poisoning.  They can also come from our lifestyle, and the last few years have been challenging for that.  Many people have changed their eating routines, gotten more takeout, done more stress eating, and changed their exercise regimens.  All of these changes can challenge our digestive process.

A Wide Net

Epsilon Acupuncture herbs for digestive upset

Kang Ning Wan is formulated to address most causes of digestive distress.  It contains a wide variety of herb categories so it can help with loose stool, constipation, nausea, lack of appetite, indigestion, illness, and any kind of digestive upset.  It is intended to be an as needed formula - great to have on hand to take at any time.  For long standing specific issues it might be better to have a practitioner make a custom formula for you, but this one is great to have on hand.

How it Works

Epsilon Acupuncture digestion herbs for overeating

This formula contains the aromatic herbs Hou po, Cang zhu, Huo xiang, and Ju hong to transform Damp and regulate Qi.  It also has Mu xiang to wake up the Spleen and elimate Dampness in the Large Intestine.  Gu ya and Shen gu aid digestion directly and ease the burden of the Spleen.  While Fu ling and Yi yi ren strengthen the Spleen's regulation of fluids, and Ge gen and Tian hua fen cool and moisten the Stomach fluids.   

For more information, check out the maker's website at Mayway.

Caution should be used during pregnancy, especially late stage or threatened miscarriage, as this formula can move Qi.  Caution with yin deficiency.  

Orders at Epsilon

We strive to maintain excellent customer service, and we do offer wholesale pricing to providers.  Please contact us if you have any questions.  We do have a licensed herbalist on staff.  

Curing Pills are on sale now!  Click the pic!

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