Xiao Yao San and Weight Loss

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Xiao Yao San and Weight Loss

This is a commonly used phrase in search engines that brings people to our sight, so I wanted to say a few words about it.  In Chinese medicine theory, everyone has a different body.  While there are common patterns associated with weight loss, an individual may have one or several of those patters, so there's really no individual cure-all for weight loss.

This formula does have some beneficial characteristics though, and it can help with abdominal distention or bloating.  It's also a great formula for certain hormonal imbalances, and for stress management.  The endocrine system (hormones including sex hormones and stress hormones) has a huge impact on how a body's metabolism works, and on weight.

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Indications for Xiao Yao San

The best way to know if this formula is right for you, or to get one that is, is to see a Chinese medicine provider.  

This formula is indicated for a pattern usually including headache, vertigo, dry mouth, bitter taste in the mouth, fatigue, reduced appetite, and breast pain in women.  

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Emotions and Liver Qi Stagnation

When people are not able to freely express their emotions, the Liver Qi becomes constrained.  Too much constraint can cause the Liver Yang to then damage the Liver blood and/or engage on an over-controlling cycle of the Spleen.  This patten happens more readily when the Spleen is already fatigued from a poor diet or overthinking/worry.  A deficient Spleen is less able to use food to nourish the blood, and so this is a complicated picture of excess (constraint) and deficiency.  

Stress does contribute to this pattern, and in fact can create it.  Managing stress through talk therapy, exercise, and meditation can interrupt this cycle and help alleviate this pattern.  A healthy diet can also help with this pattern, and weight management in general.  

Moving the Liver Qi can reduce feelings of stress.  Xiao Yao San can also help with the stress component of a weight loss or any health plan, as long as it's indicated for your body (which only a professional can assess).  

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The Bottom Line

Xiao Yao San can help with weight loss if it is within this pattern of Liver Qi stagnation with Blood and Spleen Qi deficiency.  This is a common pattern and it can cause abdominal distention, but this formula does not contain any magic weight loss ingredients.

The best way to manage your weight is to reduce stress and have a healthy approach to your lifestyle.  It's always best to seek advice of a practitioner (acupuncturist, trainer, therapist, yoga instructor, nutritionalist).  Fad diets and internet trends can cause undue stress on your body, and in some cases even cause weight gain or harm.  In these stressful times, please be gentle with yourself.  Worrying too much about your weight on top of everything else can actually feed the stress cycle and make this whole picture worse.

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