National Herbs and Spices Day (June 10)

National Herbs and Spices Day (June 10)

Out With the Old

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You can celebrate Herbs and Spices Day by going through your cooking seasonings to check for expired products.  If you're not sure, give them a smell.  If they smell dusty or don't smell like much at all then it's time to toss them.  If they still smell pungent, they will likely taste that way too.  

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If you keep herbal medicines on hand, go through those too.  Make sure you have basics like skin salve or aloe vera gel, something like Curing Pills, and anything recommended by your licensed natural health care provider.  If it takes you a long time to go through your supplements revisit your routine.  You can do this by booking a follow-up visit to make sure you still have what is recommended, and creating routine around taking them.  

Food as Medicine

Epsilon Acupuncture food as medicine

Most food can be seen in medicinal terms, and your local Chinese dietician, Naturopath, or Acupuncturist is trained to give at least basic advice.  Asking someone like this in your community is a great way to put food on your table that is good for your body.  Trained practitioners know if a food is warming, cooling, or neutral; and if it's consolidating or dispersing.  They also can asses your body to assign dietary items or ways of preparing food that can bring your body back into balance.  (Like warming your cold digestive system, or dispersing liver stagnation.) 

Ask the Pros

Epsilon Acupuncture Natural Medicine providers can help with diet 

Following fad diets can really go either way.  Some of them are basic and good for most people, but some can actually throw you off balance if it's not right for you specifically.  This includes trends with potent herbs or spices like mint, cinnamon, or turmeric.  

It's best to eat a balanced diet including many colors, and to consult your alternative healthcare provider.  Of course always double check with your primary physician, but those who specialize in food as medicine are out there and have a lot to offer.  Working with the diet at that level can help stabilize weight, balance mood, and adjust energy level (i.e. give you a boost, and sometimes even help relax hyper-activity). 

Diets that include medicinal herbs and spices are not a substitute for medicine, but can be helpful in regulating your body at a sub-clinical level.  They can also support the rebalancing of your health issues when recommended by a professional.

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