Gift Ideas, Charities, and Holiday Feels

Gift Ideas, Charities, and Holiday Feels

Our Background

Most of our business here at Epsilon is hooking you up with great prices and customer service when you purchase Yunnan Baiyao.  Most of our customers are purchasing it for their dogs who have been diagnosed with bleeding cancerous tumors.  We regularly receive letters and testimonials from customers thanking us for extending the life of their pup.  We also accept returns in the even that they pass. 

We love our dog Daisy, and our hearts go out to you if you loose your furry family member.  To celebrate your pet, or commemorate a pet who has passed, you may want to explore making a charitable donation to help other animals.  You can often make these in the name's of others as a gift, or give gifts with pet photos on them.  

Epsilon Acupuncture Holidays with Pets

Donation/Support Ideas

If you're looking to donate or otherwise support this holiday season, here are some ideas.  We've linked adoption sites in other articles so here are some more health based organizations.

AKC Canine Health Foundation is for dog health including but not limited to cancer.

The Animal Cancer Foundation unites research for animals and people.

This one helps vets who want to learn more about treating animal cancer - Veterinary Cancer Society.

Epsilon Acupuncture pet holiday

Gift Ideas

Animals don't make the best gifts unless you know very specifically what your recipient wants and can take care of - but pet PHOTOS make great gifts for animal lovers.  Check out some of our friends on Instagram, or your local pet photographer.  Pet photos can also be made into t-shirts, mugs, notebooks, and other products.  

Wishing you joy and solace this holiday season.

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