Mindful Movement

Mindful Movement

Why Movement Matters

Qi and Blood stagnation are common diagnoses in modern times, less so that when the majority of our daily activities required labor.  As our society advanced it became easier to survive, which removed a lot of the pressure for farming, hunting, foraging, and other physical activity.  This activity naturally moves Qi and Blood in the body.  As we spend time more time sitting, it becomes more important to make an effort to move our bodies.

Epsilon Acupuncture Movement for Qi and Blood Stagnation

Awareness of Movement

Working out can me many things to different people, and here at Epsilon, we want you to do you.  In the Chinese medicine community it has been seen clinically that bringing awareness or mindfulness into exercise can be very beneficial.  While it's important to move the body, it is also important to relax and breathe.  Hitting the treadmill while engaging in media doesn't seem to work all the time.  Varying movement techniques and taking time out of the day to focus the mind on the body increases the flow of Qi and Blood more effectively.  

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Conserve your Yang Qi

Make sure to get enough rest, and don't workout past a point of fatigue.  If you engage in intensive work out regimens, it is recommended that they are short term.  There is a point according to Chinese medicine past which the body sweat too much, worked too hard, or was over-exposed to elements.  This approach can actually cause health problems of a deficient nature.  

Some techniques to consider are Tai Ji, Qi Gong, and Yoga.  Dance, sports, and martial arts are other good options to engage or relax the mind while moving the body.  In the gym, keep the body balanced by alternating workout types.  For example running can be balanced with strength training.  Make sure you enjoy what you're doing enough to keep doing it, and that you have regular check-ups with your primary care provider and acupuncturist.  It's also important to eat a balanced diet.

 Epsilon Acupuncture Martial Arts

The Role of Herbs

If lifestyle alone does not address your health concerns, then it's time for herbs.  Qi and Blood Stagnation are common problems, but most people have more than one thing to work on.  It's always best to get a specific diagnosis, and ideally all formulas are taken short term until they have done their work in the body and patterns change.



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