Monday is National Respect Your Cat Day

Monday is National Respect Your Cat Day

Celebrating Cat Day

We couldn't report on National Puppy Day and then skip this one!  How do you respect your cat?  According to the National Day Calendar, 81% of American cat owners pay respect by petting, 78% by verbal praise, 65% give treats, 62% pick up or hold them, and 16% give their cats gifts.

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People Really Love their Cats

According to the same site, people have been keeping cats as pets for a very long time.  The oldest remains of a cat buried with a person date back 9,500 years in Cypress.  Today there are over 2 million cat videos on YouTube, making cats a viral topic.  Average views per cat video averages around 12,000 which is a higher average than any other content topic.  

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Cats are Good for You

According to WebMD, people with good relationships with their pets were better off than those who didn't have pets or didn't interact with pets much.  Petting cats or dogs has also been shown to lower the risk of heart disease, lower the effects of stress, bring elevated mood and increased meaning to life, and to be social help to most people including those on the spectrum.  With all of these health benefits it's no wonder we like to have them around!  It really does feel good!

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