My Maybe COVID Story

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I Listened to My Body

On Monday March 23, I hesitated before I left for work in the morning because I didn't feel quite right.  The state of OR had some Coronavirus policies in place at the time but I have had some work in alternative healthcare.  Normally I would go to work feeling just slightly off, but I decided to be more careful.  I was literally ready to reach for the door knob but I decided to take my temperature first.  It was slightly elevated.

Listen to your body when you're sick Epsilon Acupuncture


Getting it Early

My Chinese medicine training taught me to pay very close attention to my body and to take herbs at the very first sign of illness.  (I also wear a hat and/or scarf outside even when other people are shedding layers for spring.)  There's a slight chill or stiffness of the neck that can happen before anything bothersome or uncomfortable symptom-wise.  THAT'S the time to start taking herbs.  I was so glad I had stocked up ahead of time.

Herbs for COVID Epsilon Acupuncture

What Do Herbs Do Anyway?

We know from the classics of Chinese herbal literature that some formulas work to fight illness, by certain patterns with certain symptoms.  In one study on rabbits, Chai Hu (Buplurum) was also found to reduce fever (Chang, 1987).  Studies are ongoing but we don't have enough evidence yet to say that herbs can help for sure.  Some can even be harmful when taken for more than a year, so it's always best to consult with a licensed provider.  


In bed with the flu Chinese herbs Epsilon Acupuncture

The herbs I took worked so well that I didn't get much sicker.  I can't tell you how completely relieved I was. The only awkward part was deciding to be careful and stay home for the recommended 72 hours after my fever broke.  That's what the CDC recommends for COVID-19 so that's what I did, despite my fever not making it all the way up to 100.  I decided to be careful just because it was a flu-like virus. Always check with your doctor when you're sick.


Kat Powers is a licensed acupuncturist with the state of OR, and nationally certified through the NCCAOM.  

We do not claim to diagnose, treat, or cure COVID-19.  Please stay informed through the CDC.  


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