Efficacy of Natural Remedies for You and Your Pet

Efficacy of Natural Remedies for You and Your Pet

Lifestyle and Routine

Routine and preventative natural care help make a healthy lifestyle.  While there are very strong treatments available, natural medicine works the best at the onset of problems, or in their prevention.  This is true for people and their pets.  

Things like probiotics, fish oil, and a healthy diet can help keep you and your animal companions in good health or at least better able to bounce back from health problems.  

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Peace with Prognosis

Several factors determine the predicted outcome of a treatment plan, and even then sometimes doctors or vets get it wrong.  How long has the problem been going on, how old is the person or pet (how much vital force do they have), and how compliant are they?  Natural medicine often requires changes in diet or routine.  Herbal remedies require that you remember to take it.  Often herbal formulas are recommended several times per day, which can be hard to work into a busy lifestyle or while traveling.  With animals, sometimes they don't like taking pills, or don't eat food that has strong tasting herbs added.  

Even though sometimes a strong formula like Yunnan Baiyao can save a life, often it is used for palliative care.  Because it is often used for cancer, it's best to be open minded about results.  Many of our clients appreciate having extra time with their loved animals, and it helps them prepare for the eventual loss.  Many also report an increased quality of life such as more interest in food and playtime for their dog. 

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Making it Easier

The take-away here is to start early with a healthy lifestyle for yourself and your pet.  Diet and exercise are important to maintain.  Then get a professional opinion about natural remedies.  After that it's just a mater of remembering to work the remedies into your daily routine.  Some herbal teas make a nice ritual, others taste bitter.  Sometimes all you need is to set a timer to remember to take deep breaths, take your herbs, or get some exercise.  As you adjust to a more healthy natural lifestyle, don't forget to take your pet with you.  There are plenty of natural health products and high quality foods out there to start with, and they need playtime and exercise too.  All of these factors contribute to a good outcome with natural medicine.  

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