Our Top 5 Essential Oil Products (and the "woah" moments that made us truly impressed)

Our Top 5 Essential Oil Products (and the "woah" moments that made us truly impressed)

Our Top 5 Essential Oils

Looking for a new crave-worthy essential oil?  Shopping for the basics or looking for a gift that won't disappoint?  We are believers of the benefits of essential oils around here, but there are still times when we are genuinely impressed.  Here's a list of our top 5 faves, and the "woah" moment that made us choose them.

 Moon cycle woman's regular menstrual cramps mittelschmerz relief

Cramp Ease

Yes it helps with menstrual pain when applied to the abdomen, no it doesn't make your period troubles go away completely.  But the "woah" moment for us when we tried it was the emotionally soothing quality in addition to some pain relief.  (It can also help with mittelschmerz.)

Read more and buy it here. 


 Vetiver and other field crops


This one actually goes way back and has been used for fragrance, soap, acne, and sores. 

Here's some background and info about this awesome grass.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chrysopogon_zizanioides 

We love this oil because of its calming quality on the nervous system.  Whether you need help with sleep, anxiety, grounding, or focusing this oil is worth a try.  (We also like lavender for these uses, but if you've never tried vetiver "woah" is all we can say.)

Read more and buy it here.  

Oily and Problem Skin Organic Facial Serum

This baby delivers.  It's great for spot treatment and can really clear up a blemish.  The "woah" moment with this product was actually seeing a visible reduction in blackheads and large pores after a couple of weeks of daily use.

Read more and buy it here.

 Stress adrenal support

Adrenal Support

Let's face it - we're all stressed.  Adrenal health is a common concern of our modern life, and it's worth nurturing these powerhouse glands whenever and however we can.  There's an essential oil for that?  Woah.

Read more and buy it here.



The "woah" with this oil is that there are so many benefits to so many different body systems.  Often used for meditation and spirituality, this oil can be overlooked for its health benefits - but is one of the best out there.  It has been studied quite a bit and actually found to be beneficial for arthritis, asthma, gut function, oral health, and even certain cancers.  That being said it has limitations.  Here's a link to a Healthline article on it- https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/frankincense

Read more and buy it here.


These products are bioactive, organic, artisan essential oils and we can't wait for you to try them!  

As always - contact us here at Epsilon Acupuncture with any questions.

Photo credits: Kaboompics .com  Pedro Figueras , and monicore from Pexels.

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