Pet Pawsitive Resolutions Part 2

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Seek More Natural Pet Care and Products

Epsilon Acupuncture natural pet care

Natural health options are increasing every day, so if you'd like to integrate more  for your pet, the New Year is a great time to get started.  Always consult your vet - you can ask for suggestions or bring a list you've already thought of.  Some natural products, like fish oil, can help with many aspects of your pets health such as joint care, skin and coat, and cognitive function.  

 Acupuncture, chiropractic care, and massages are becoming increasingly available for pets as well.  There are also herbs and homeopathics.  Some commonly treated issues include animal arthritis, anxiety, and digestive issues.

Make a Bucket List for Senior Pets

Epsilon Acupuncture senior pet care

Pets love us unconditionally, that's why they're so great!  It's important to remember that most animal psychics tell us pets don't have human emotions such as guilt and resentment, but rather only simple ones like love, fear, and joy.  When pets leave our lives over the rainbow bridge, a lot of what we do is for our own closure, and that's really important!  

If you have a senior pet, you will both feel better if you imagine what might be on their bucket list, and help them with that.  Likely they will enjoy the extra time and attention from you, even if they don't have their own bucket list.  Why not make the end of life more comfortable if you can, even if it's just with a new bed or toy?

If your pet is suffering from cancer, make sure to ask your vet about Yunnan Baiyao.

Basic Pet First Aid

 Epsilon Acupuncture pet first aid

Some animals are more accident prone than others.  Make sure to know the number and location of an emergency vet clinic.

There are some basic first aid products it's worth stocking. 

  • Iodine or some basic antibacterial salve, we like Original Salve, a natural alternative available at some grocers.
  • Gauze and tape.
  • Vet wrap - this stuff is great for people too, it's like an Ace bandage that sticks to itself
  • If you have a greyhound, or another breed prone to cuts and scrapes, consider stocking Yunnan Baiyao for topical use.


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