Pet Positive New Year's Resolutions Part 1

Pet Positive New Year's Resolutions Part 1

Eat Healthier

Epsilon Acupuncture You and Pet Eating Healthy 2022

You and your pet can both do this.  Check our blog for how to pick a better pet food, and don't forget to measure portions every time.  Cutting processed ingredients and eating more whole food is often a good place to start, but consult your vet for your pet, and your doctor and nutritionist for yourself. 

Make Time for Playtime

Epsilon Acupuncture Pets get Resolutions too

Every kind of creature needs some recreation time.  Species and breeds that have a strong prey drive often enjoy practicing with toys.  Dog walks can fill some of this need, but most indoor animals benefit from having toys.  The new year is also a good time to wash or cycle out old toys and bedding.

Schedule Yearly Vet Exam

Epsilon Acupuncture New Year Resolutions for your Pet

Routine vet care is important for pets of any age, and some breeds need extra dental care as well.  Pets can't always tell us when they don't feel good so pay attention to different behavior, and make sure to get the recommended yearly screening and medications.


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