Pets and Air Quality

Pets and Air Quality

Hazardous Air Quality

Here on the west coast, this environmental condition is usually caused by severe short term air pollution from wildfires.  It is not to be taken lightly - for humans or pets.  As always, if you have specific concerns, please consult your doctor or veterinarian.

 Wildfire smoke and pets Epsilon Acupuncture

Outside Time

The best way to deal with hazardous air quality is to avoid breathing it by staying indoors.  Most home furnace systems (HVAC) have adequate filters, but additional filtration is also recommended such as a portable HEPA filter air purifier.  

Some animals do need outside time however, and there's no way around that (unless your animal can dedicate on a puppy pad or in a litter box).  Try to keep walks as short as possible.  

For yourself - wear a mask.  The best mask for wildfire is N95 or industrial gas masks with the appropriate cartridges.  

For your pet - watch for signs of respiratory distress such as excessive panting, coughing, or any loss of consciousness and seek vet assistance immediately. 

Epsilon Acupuncture Air Quality and Your Pets 

Stay Safe! Give If You Can

Here at Epsilon our hearts are with all those suffering or displaced by this disastrous wildfire season.  

CLICK HERE for a list of charities working hard to support those affected by this crisis.  


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