Product Primer: Zheng Gu Shui

Product Primer: Zheng Gu Shui


Zheng Gu Shui is a topical formula that contains menthol for pain relief, as well as herbs intended to increase circulation to the area.  It is often used by athletes and martial artists for sprains, strains, and even bruised bones.  It can also be effective in tendonitis including carpal tunnel syndrome.  

To understand how this formula can reduce bruising and swelling, help strengthen connective tissue, and assist in mending bone fractures, one must understand the body's natural healing process.

Pain relief Epsilon Acupuncture Zheng Gu Shui sore back, muscles, joints

Acute inflammation (typically characterized by heat, redness, pain, and swelling) is a complex biological response to foreign bodies, bacteria, and tissue injury.  The body's innate immune response sends cells to the area that can attack bacteria, viruses, and damaged body cells.  After clearing the debris of injury, the body can then start rebuilding new cells and tissue.

The promotion of circulation can improve the inflammatory response by aiding the immune system in more quickly delivering phagocytes and other immune cells to the area via the bloodstream.  This in turn aids the body in healing, and the need for inflammation decreases naturally.  The body can then begin rebuilding the injured area by circulating needed nutrients and other biological components to the damaged body tissues, so in general the body can heal faster with increased circulation to the affected area.

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