Seasonal Essential Oil Support

Seasonal Essential Oil Support

The holiday season can bring joy, celebration, and time with your loved ones - wether that be in person or virtual.  Holidays can also have some stress, germ exposure, and sometimes loneliness.  Here's a quick guide to some helpful essential oils for stress management, wellness, and mood.

Holidays at Epsilon Acupuncture


Artisan Organic Vetiver by Snow Lotus at Epsilon Acupuncture
The oils from this grass have been used for centuries in fragrances and massage applications.  It has a deep woody-rooty, earthy aroma with a mossy-green undertone.  It can be grounding, relaxing, nurturing, and helpful for anxiety.
Chinese medicine function: To nourish Blood and Yin, descend the Yang, drain heat, and calm the spirit.


Immune Stim by Snow Lotus at Epsilon Acupuncture

Immune Stim is a gently invigorating blend that has a fresh green aroma.  It's designed to support healthy immune functioning, and may be helpful as an overall boost to the immune system in cases of frequent infections, or lowered immunity with fatigue or low stamina.  

Dominant oils: Niaouli, Cajeput, Hemlock spruce, Lavender, jojoba oil

Chinese Medicine function: Tonifies the Qi and Yang, boosts the protective Qi and strengthens the Shen (spirit).


Snow Lotus Organic Bergamont Essential Oil Epsilon Acupuncture

Bergamont lemony-sweet fragrance is balancing and gently lifting to help with mood especially during the darker winter season.

Chinese medicine function: To regulate the Qi, settle the Heart and harmonize the spirit.


We at Epsilon Acupuncture are here to support you living your best life during the holidays and always.  If you'd like custom recommendations please contact us.

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