Seasonal Sensibilities

Seasonal Sensibilities

Autumnal greetings! 

This is the time of year to appreciate fall colors and hot apple cider!  Here at Epsilon we're also celebrating Liver Awareness Month in October. 
Most people know that the liver helps detox our bodies, but your liver also plays a part in many other body functions.  It helps regulate glucose and other blood chemistry, digestion, and hormones - so it's really important to keep it healthy! 
The good news is it's never too late to start because livers are spunky little organs that can bounce back into balance with enough TLC.  

Chinese Medicine Detox Theory

Chinese Medicine Theory supports cleansing of the liver, by eating seasonally with plenty of bitter greens in the spring.  For a more autumnal approach - try some turmeric tea or golden milk.  

Blood and Qi


In Chinese Medicine blood is more than plasma and platelets, and is associated with several organ systems including the heart, spleen, and liver.
As health care providers, acupuncturists diagnose symptoms using Chinese Medicine Theory, and try our best to explain things in Western terms (we are also trained in Western Medicine).  When we consider the concept of blood that is associated with the liver, we are also taking into account hormones and specifically the menstrual cycle.  
For a more in-depth look at how Chinese and Ayurvedic Medicine handles Blood in general, click here.


Qi is a more difficult concept to translate into Western terms, but when we think about qi we think about energy, circulation, and movement. 
The liver plays a huge role in this, and when our liver qi is not circulating properly, we can get tired, emotional, depressed, and unhealthy.

How Is My Liver Doing Anyway?

If you have issues with blood pressure, blood sugar regulation, irritability, joint pain, energy level, migraines, menstrual cramps and/or irregularity, insomnia, or your skin; then your liver might be involved.  

What To Do About It

Make sure to visit your Primary Care doctor regularly, and if you're looking for a complimentary approach to the above symptoms you can pick up some Chinese Herbs.  
Remember, Chinese Medicine has been around since 200 B.C. so there's usually an explanation and treatment option for even the most unique health complaints.
Please feel free to contact us at for a personalized assessment and recommendation - including your first bottle of herbs.
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