Summer Skin Tips

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Hydration and Health

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How much water you drink can affect the health of your skin, so make sure to keep up with your hydration especially in hotter months when you sweat and are exposed to more sun.  

Sunscreen can help keep skin safe from the effects of the sun.  Moisturize if you're exposed to air conditioning - it can dry out skin because it typically  reduces humidity.  

Dry skin can flake and clog pores so summer acne can happen by this mechanism.

The Effects of Heat and Humidity

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Warmer weather can cause your skin to produce more sweat and oil, and cause skin cells to regenerate more quickly.  This can clog pores so scrubs and masks can help.  Altering your skin cleansing routine with the seasons might be helpful too.

Essential Oils for Skin Care

These all natural products can be a great addition to your normal routine.  Skin can change with the seasons, so have a couple on hand for your skin's variable needs. 

We offer support for combination skin, dry skin, mature skin, and more.




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