Take Your Dog to Work Day is June 25

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Epsilon Acupuncture take your dog to work day

This highly celebrated day was launched in 1999 to help promote pet adoptions.  The intention was that coworkers would be inspired by seeing the special bond one can have with a dog.  With around 4 million dogs entering shelters every year, adoption has become a noteworthy cause for many owners and special interest groups.  

This Year

Epsilon Acupuncture take your dog to work from home day

The pandemic has changed the way many people work, and with more people working from home the interest and ability to have a pet has increased.  So while taking your dog to work these days might just mean going across the hall, we can still celebrate the supportive relationship we have with them.

We Love Animals!

Here at Epsilon we love our mascot, Daisy, and have often dreamed of adding other pets.  We both grew up with dogs and cats and have a special place in our hearts for the love and joy they bring.

Herbs for You and Yours

Epsilon Acupuncture adopt don't shop

Through our training in herbal medicine we discovered that some formulas could be given to animals.  Although our expertise is in Chinese herbal supplements for people, some of our products are safe for pets.  Veterinarians often recommend Yunnan Baiyao for bleeding issues in dogs (like some cancers).  

Want to Adopt?

Try these links to find adoptable pets near you.  Many organizations are also looking for foster homes and volunteers if you'd like to have more contact with animals without the commitment.

Petfinder, Best Friends, ASPCA, The Shelter Project, The Humane Society, Adopt a Pet

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