Tips to Reduce Boarding Stress

Tips to Reduce Boarding Stress

It happens sometimes that our pets can't come with us, and a sitter isn't always the right match.  We laid out a few tips to reduce stress on you and your pets when you can't be together.

Epsilon Acupuncture pet boarding tips


If you need to let your pet stay with friends, family, or professionals you can always leave an item with them that smells like you.  Your pet's favorite bed or blanket is also a great option.  Try to keep them in their normal diet and walk/play schedule as well.  

Epsilon Acupuncture natural remedies for pets and people


We've mentioned Rescue Remedy in our blog before, and it's such a great all-around anxiety soother.  The makers of this formula do claim it's safety for people and pets.  We've given it a bit of a test drive around Epsilon and it does seem to have a calming effect.  

Click here for their site.


Epsilon Acupuncture self love

This is a message we try to share when we can.  Pets often can be a source of tremendous guilt.  We care about them, we love them, and we know we are responsible.  So there are moments in our lives with pets where we feel bad about something and let that weigh us down.  

Pets are just full of love though, and forgiveness.  And they are so sensitive to us.  Make sure you tell you pet that you will return to them, or and that they will be safe.  But don't let them stress you out more, they wouldn't want that for you.  Just love them, love yourself, and do the best you can.


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