What We Talk About When We Talk About Blood

What We Talk About When We Talk About Blood

Some products treat "Blood."  What does that mean?

In Chinese medicine we discuss a concept called blood, which has to do with but does not directly translate to the Western meaning.  

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Blood references circulation and also the production, containment, and overall health of what we usually think of as "blood."  When an acupuncturist considers the health of the blood we look for signs of poor micro-circulation (think capillaries) such as cold hands and feet.  Usually there are some co-current symptoms such as headaches, and in women, a difficult menstrual cycle.  In fact, due to the menstrual cycle, women more typically have these complaints although blood health can affect anyone.  

As this concept is quite different in Western medicine, suggested therapies may be quite different.  The biggest difference is that in Western medicine we usually keep discussions of blood to our conversations about cardio-vascular and heart health.  In Chinese medicine we also consider the blood of the menstrual cycle.

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Dang Gui, or Dong Quai is readily available in over-the-counter supplements for women's health because it has been studied extensively and has been found to help balance the hormones.  In Chinese medicine we would also say that it builds and moves the blood, regulating the cycle.  

Herbs for "Blood" have many uses!

Many Chinese herbs, formulas, and topical are found to have a beneficial affect on the state of the blood.  They are nourishing and are able to invigorate circulation.  

Here at Epsilon we have several formulas that can help with menstrual cramps, PMS, menstrual migraines, and irregular cycles.  We also carry many topical to help with circulation closer to the surface to help heal injuries.  Yunnan Baiyao also regulates the blood, and is a very balancing formula.  It helps to stop excess bleeding, while also promoting healthy circulation.  

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