Why Pets Are So Important Right Now

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Quite the Trend

Our current global health crisis has been making most people at least a little bit stressed.  It is completely understandable to react with some level of anxiety, but stress can increase our blood pressure, decrease our immunity, and wreak havoc with our mood and sleep. 

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To combat this, many people are turning to animal companions to ease tension and make our extra time at home more enjoyable.  According to a FoxNews online article April 3, pet adoptions and fostering has increased nationwide by about 700 percent!  

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Companion Animals Help with Stress

Having an animal companion in your home has many health benefits.  Playing with a dog or cat can actually boost levels of serotonin and dopamine, essential neurotransmitters in mood regulation.

The feelings of isolation and loneliness many of us are facing can lead to depression, but companionship of an animal can help combat that.  The nervous system stimulation we get from touching a pet, and the movement we do when we interact with them are great ways to break the stress cycle.  

Stay at Home cats and dogs Epsilon Acupuncture

Although many states have stay-at-home orders, some shelters are still open by appointment, so contact yours today!  

If you feel like supporting a charity, consider The Humane Society of the United States because they are working against the wild animal trade that may have been responsible for the COVID-19 outbreak.  (Did you know some state Humane Societies are no-kill?!?)

Contact us if you'd like to see more animal herbs and supplements stocked, we love hearing from you!


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