Why a Healthy Lifestyle Includes Routine

Why a Healthy Lifestyle Includes Routine

In our last blog we explored some tips and tricks for setting up a new routine.  Here's a look at why it benefits the body to have a routine, from a Chinese Medicine perspective.

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Western Theory

Regular timing is important on a physiological level.  When we travel, or change our regular schedule drastically, we usually feel a bit off.  In a western sense this refers to circadian rhythms, or biological clocks. 

This refers to a complex system of genes, proteins, and nerve cells that helps living organisms regulate their sleep and wake cycles, body temperature, eating habits, and hormone release.  

Circadian rhythms can be affected by working night shifts, jet lag, and some electronic lights.  The best way to maintain proper melatonin (a sleep hormone) is to sleep in a dark room nightly.  Read more here.

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Chinese Medical Theory

The Spleen and Stomach are the Earth organs according to Chinese medical theory.  This system receives nutrients from the food we eat, and transforms it into Qi, or usable energy for our bodies.   

The Spleen is also paired with the Lung in another layer of theory, called the six confirmations.  The Lung and Spleen work together in the taiyin confirmation to balance water metabolism, and to support the regular timing of bodily functions in general.  

The best way to support these organ systems is to eat easy to digest meals at regular intervals, and sleep and wake at the same time every day.  The time of year to be the most careful about maintaining regularity within yourself is during transitional times of the year, when the weather is changing.  Read more here.

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Building a Regular Lifestyle

Regularity in your lifestyle can have many health benefits such as improved digestion and metabolism, better sleep, and better mental health.  

If you have trouble regulating your schedule, always regard yourself with compassion.  Try until something feels right for your body and works for your life.   

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