Winter Tips

Winter Tips

Winter in the U.S. varies as greatly as its people and landscape, but it is a season we experience in the northern hemisphere.  It's a season of less daylight, cooler temps, and different weather patterns.  Here are a few tips to help with safety, activity, mood, and overall wellness.  

Epsilon Acupuncture Winter activity suggestions

Energy Level and Activity

According to East Asian medicine, people can increase their health and longevity by living according to the seasons.  In the winter this means reducing one's activity level.  While it is still important to get some exercise, make sure not to over-do it.  Try yoga, tai ji, or qi gong; and make sure to stretch and warm up.  You may feel more tired, and this is perfectly normal due to a decrease in daylight hours.  It's okay to get some extra rest!  

Epsilon Acupuncture winter tips

Outdoor Safety

Cover skin to avoid frostbite and dress in layers in case you need to take one off.  Bring your cell phone with you always, just in case you get locked out or have a medical emergency.  

Shoveling snow is a surprisingly strenuous activity, and it is important not to overdo it.  Use a smaller shovel or fill a larger one part way only.  If you need to move snow to the side, point your feet in that direction instead of twisting.

Epsilon Acupuncture winter pet tips

Pet Safety

Bring your pets indoors if you can, and always provide adequate warm shelter and unfrozen water if you can't.  Be aware of your dog's breed and what their heartiness is.  Different breeds handle cold weather differently, and some need coats or booties in certain climates.  We love the dogs we love!  We just don't always live in the climates they are used to.  Always ask your vet if you're not sure.  

Don't Take Our Word For It!

Chinese Medicine on living according to Winter

The CDC has tips on winter safety including how to prep for winter storms!

The RI state page has some good winter safety tips too.

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