Product Primer: Hua Tuo Pain Relieving Plasters

Product Primer: Hua Tuo Pain Relieving Plasters

Why We Love It

This product can help to relieve pain by increasing warmth and circulation in the area and supporting the healing process naturally.  Chinese and other natural medicine disciplines look at inflammation a little differently.  It's possible to promote the natural catabolic process of inflammation in a healthy way so that the dead or injured cells can get broken down effectively and new cells can form an organized cellular matrix.  This may help to decrease chronic pain, or help prevent chronic pain from developing from an acutely injured area.  By warming the area and promoting circulation and a healthy inflammatory process, efficient healing is possible in addition to temporary pain relief. 

This patch is best suited to pain that is worse when the area is cold.  For best management of chronic pain long-term, consider contacting us for additional internal formula recommendations, or seeing your local acupuncturist.  

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More About the Herbs

The herbs in this product are generally warming, stimulating to blood flow, have an  unblocking nature, and outward direction.  

Cinnamon: warms and tonifies yang, disperses cold, promotes movement of blood.

Clove: warms and tonifies Kidney yang qi

Drynaria: tonifies, strengthens, and repairs bone (bone is considered an extension of the Kidney network).

Ocimum gratissimum leaf oil: this is a general tonic with antibacterial properties.

Saposhnikovia divaricate (fang feng): relieves pain, resolves dampness, and expels wind (to address bi syndome or chronic pain).

Angelica root:  nourishes and moves the blood to promote healthy circulation.

Ginger (gan jiang): unblocks channels (to address bi syndrome or chronic pain).

Nepeta: used here to decrease inflammation by relieving the exterior and moderating circulation.

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How and When to Use This Patch

These powerful medicated plasters offer temporary relief from minor aches and pains in muscles and joints caused by conditions such as sprains, bruises, backache, strain, and arthritis. These are warming plasters that are most appropriate for chronic or Cold Bi Zheng (cold obstruction). They work by using camphor to stimulate circulation to the area being treated, and increase the absorption of other important ingredients in the patch. Particularly useful when there is reduced circulation that has enabled cold to aggravate the injured area. 

Note that this product contains natural rubber latex that may cause an allergic reaction in some people. Test on a small area of skin first. As the plaster adheres very well to the skin, removal under warm water is recommended. 

Active Ingredients:
Menthol (3%)
Camphor (10%)

The Author

Kat Powers LAcis a licensed Chinese medicine provider.  She is available for individual consultation remotely.

Please consult your physician if you have questions about your health the use of topical pain relief products.  Epsilon Acupuncture does not guarantee the effectiveness of pain relief patches, but we offer a variety of them to try.  We can answer product questions via email to



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