Epsilon Acu Reviews: Pain Terminator Patches

Epsilon Acu Reviews: Pain Terminator Patches

Epsilon Acu Review:

We came across the Pain Terminator Patch during our time spent as interns in our university's teaching clinic.  (We met at school and ended up graduating in the same class.) 

An older gentlemen wafted into our community clinic shift, and the patients that followed him remarked on the minty herbal note that now lingered. It didn't take long to find the source as he was the only one with strips of fabric erupting from his shirt collar.  

(It looked a little like this, only beige and slightly more ridiculous.)

The patches he had cut into strips and applied to his neck pointed up to the last cut strip which stretched across his forehead, just below his hairline.  

"It's for my migraines." Whoops, he caught me looking. "I know it looks ridiculous, but as they say, if it works it don't matter." 

I don't think that's how the saying goes, but I got the message. As an occassional sufferer of migraines, I cut strips off a single patch and applied them to my neck the next month. While the herbal ingredients and essential oils will smell strong when you open the package, I didn't notice it after a short while.

Eventually I tried recommending it for patients who were dealing with issues ranging from burning arthritis (Cool Patch) to simple athletic muscle fatigue (Hot Patch), all to great success!  

The Pain Terminator Patches' overall success in providing temporary analgesic, pain relief has earned itself a place in our curated selection of Chinese medicinals.  

Did you know this patch is produced by a company in Colorado?  This allows us to save money on transportation costs, while supporting a US business, and pass all those benefits onto you. 

We believe in this product so much we have tried to provide it at a price point that is an easy decision for anyone looking for natural, effective pain relief for headaches, pains, and cramps.  

Pain Terminator Patches: 9/10

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