Yunnan Baiyao Capsules [16/pk]

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Each package contains:

  • 16 capsules of Yunnan Baiyao (250mg per capsule)
  • 1 Red Pill in the center of the package, as seen below: (Only genuine, original Yunnan Baiyao includes this Red Pill)

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What is the Red Pill and why is it so important?

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Method of Use / Directions:

This formula is presented here as an encapsulated powder for acute injury or trauma, swelling, or inflammation. These capsules can be taken internally, or broken open and used externally. 


  • Up to 2 capsules, two to four times daily.
  • Not intended for long-term usage.


  • Open the capsule and mix the powder with water, petroleum jelly, jojoba oil, or some other liquid, to make a paste.
  • Apply paste to the wound and secure with gauze.  
  • Clean and reapply paste every 2 days or as needed/recommended.


What is the B-Stock?

Our B-Stock inventory are boxes of Yunnan Baiyao capsules that have cosmetic box damage.  The damage may include slight crushing of the box, or tears in the packaging.  

All B-stock inventory is inspected by hand, to guarantee that the damage is only cosmetic.

All capsules and red pills are guaranteed to be intact, and will be automatically awarded an 10% discount per box!


Yunnan Baiyao effects and functions:

Use on sinew injuries or closed fractures to break up accumulations of stagnant blood.  Activates blood circulation and appropriate coagulation, reduces swelling, stops pain.  


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Dana A. Lawson
United States United States
Purchased on Recommendation of Vet.

Good service, fair price, fast shipping. I purchased this product based on the recommendation of my dog’s veterinarian. She suggested that it would help with clotting and reduce bleeding due to a dental infection. I was very pleased with how quickly my order was filled and shipped. The price seemed fair.

Charles A.
United States United States
Great Stuff

It is used to help stop leakage from my dogs kidney per Dr. prescription. So far it is working great

Diane T.
United States United States

Great!! Fast delivery and great product for our dog!

Dennis B.
United States United States

the use of this item is off the chart. It has added quality time to my best friend. dont understand it ,,but it something we will not do without

Sara H.
United States United States
helping my dog with cancer

SO.... cancer sucks, but Epsilon has been great for us price-wise, speedy shipping, etc, and has made this rather trying time a bit easier for our family. I heard about these pills and decided to try them for Cooper. He is still with us (diagnosed in late Feb, given 1 month to live) and his quality of life is pretty good for a 13-14 year old guy with a mass in his spleen. Very grateful/happy with Epsilon service & product.