4th of July: Hours and Pet Stress Tips

4th of July: Hours and Pet Stress Tips

Hours and Shipping

Epsilon Acupuncture 4th of July hours

We will be closed Friday July 2nd - Sunday July 4th to honor Independence Day.  PLEASE order now to make sure your dog has enough Yunnan Baiyao if he/she is dependent on it according to your vet's RX.          

Firework Stress is Real

Epsilon Acupuncture Fireworks and holiday hours

Feeling stressed out by the loud noise, flashing lights, and crowds is a very normal response for people and animals.  Some enjoy the stimulation and excitement, but many do not.  Some veterans or anyone with PTSD may even have severe reactions.  

Over the Counter Options

Epsilon Acupuncture firework pet stress

Homeopathic aconitum can be soothing to the stress of loud noises and shocking events.  This is often available in stores such as Natural Grocers or New Seasons.

Rescue Remedy is a more general product for stress and anxiety.  It is often given to pets in their water bowl, and is also great for humans.

What We Carry

It can be helpful to carry a bottle of essential oils with you if you are prone to stress.  The olfactory pathway is linked to the limbic brain and central nervous system.  Smells can help to calm stress and distance ourselves from traumatic memories and be more relaxed and grounded.  

 Epsilon Acupuncture 4th of July stress support

Epsilon Acupuncture stress support holidays

Epsilon Acupuncture essential oils for stress



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