Hemangiosarcoma in Dogs and Cats

Hemangiosarcoma in Dogs and Cats


This condition is the presence of one or more vascular cancerous tumors that are usually on the spleen but can be on the liver, lung, or heart.  These tumors start in the lining of the walls of blood vessels, and the tumors can fill with blood and sometimes rupture.  

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If your beloved pet exhibits weight loss, weakness, difficulty moving, lack of coordination, or collapse please see your vet right away.  

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Yunnan Baiyo for Bleeding Tumors

If your animal companion has already been diagnosed, your vet may have already told you about Yunnan Baiyo.  This Chinese herbal formula has been used for centuries in humans in emergency situations such as hospitals and battlefields.  It can be applied topically or taken internally to help treat excessive bleeding.

When an animal has hemangiosarcoma, or a bleeding tumor, the use of Yunnan Baiyo can help to extend their life.  These herbs can decrease internal bleeding and slow the progression of this cancer.  Although it does not cure it, it can bring you more time with your furry loved one.  

Many of our customers report that they have several more months with their pet than their vet expected them to, and that their dogs continue to eat, play, and enjoy life.



Kat Powers of Vital Gate Acupuncture is a licensed consultant and regular contributor.  

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