Stress and the Immune System

Stress and the Immune System

What We're Talking About Today

This article is intended to educate you about the importance of a healthy immune system, and to tell you about some natural substances that might help your immunity in general and especially in fighting flu-like viruses.  

Herbs for health

We are not officially claiming any cures or remedies, but in general we believe that vitamins and herbs from reputable sources, when taken as directed, can help your body's immune system.  

First Thing's First: Limit Spreading of Viruses

Just in case you need extra tips on hand-washing and cleaning surfaces, here's a handy link to the Center for Disease Control's website about such things.  Very important.

Our Immune System

Yes it works, yes we still get sick sometimes.  Major factors in decreasing severity of illness include a healthy diet, getting enough sleep, getting regular exercise, and decreasing your stress.  Over the counter supplements like Vitamin C can help too.  

Healthy Meal with Vegetables


Don't Panic

Although this may seem easier said than done, your immune system really does function better when you're less stressed.  Take care of yourself with some deep breathing, healthy meals including vegetables, and make sure you're spending some time doing things you enjoy.

Can Essential Oils Help?

Here at Epsilon we currently stock some essential oils that may help by decreasing stress and potentially killing some microbes.  

Anti-viral: Not a cure by any means, but can be diffused.

For Stress:

Epsilon is proud to partner with Vital Gate Acupuncture.  Visit our site to book if you're in the Portland, OR area.

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