Interview With an Herb: Cang Er Zi

Interview With an Herb: Cang Er Zi

Why We Use It

Also known as Xanthium sibiricum or cocklebur fruit, this herb is one of the main ingredients in Bi Yan Pian.  It releases the exterior, and is great for clearing deep sinus congestion.  It also helps with nasal congestion and related headaches.  

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Chinese Energetics 

This herb is sweet, bitter, acrid, warm, and toxic.  (Toxicity is removed with cooking in water.)  It expels exterior wind, cold, and damp.  


Cang Er Zi should not be consumed raw, or used long-term, but is safe after being boiled in water, which is the typical cooking method for most Chinese herbs.  Please use caution if you are taking anti-diabetic drugs as Cang Er Zi might cause a synergistic effect leading to low blood sugar.  

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Where To Find It

You can find it right here!  Epsilon has you covered with several OTC Chinese formulas good for colds and flus.  This herb can be found in Bi Yan Pian, which is a complete formula for illness with congestion.  


*Please note herb photos are not of Cang Er Zi, but of other more common herbs.  We are a small business and use images we can afford.  Please check out all of our photographers on Pexels!  Cover photo credit



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