Natural Living: Inside and Out

Natural Living: Inside and Out

Why Natural?

People are sometimes careful about the substances they expose themselves too, and it's important to remember our pets as well.  Animals can suffer from asthma, allergies, skin irritation such as contact dermatitis, and frequent illness.  Sometimes these problems can be reduced by eliminating irritants from the environment such as allergens or chemicals. 

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Household Irritants and Natural Alternatives

Chemicals can be found in many of our common household products.  One of the most common products that can be irritating to skin (for us and our furry companions) is laundry detergent.  These chemicals are typically fragrances or dyes.  There are plenty of fragrance-free detergents on the market and no - you don't have to sacrifice a nice smell.  Many all-natural cleaners are scented with essential oils, which tend to be less irritating if at all.  

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Many products that we use to clean our home with are also full of chemicals.  There are plenty of natural cleaning products on the market as well, but plain vinegar is often an inexpensive and effective alternative.  Mixed with baking soda it can really take care of a dirty bath and shower area.  These changes to your cabinet and routine can make a big difference to an animal that has frequent itching and skin issues caused by contact dermatitis.  It might even help with a pets breathing issues depending on the cause.

Clean Air

Air pollution or smoke can be irritating and this is often an outdoor problem - just make sure to change your furnace filter regularly, and/or grab a small HEPA air filter for inside your home.  Keep your pets indoors as much as possible if you're experiencing a short term bad air episode.  

Filtering and/or circulating the air indoors can help reduce the occurrence of mold as well - which is also an irritant. 

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Natural Inside and Out

Take care to provide your pets with high quality food and appropriate vet care.  There are times when pharmaceutical medicines are the best option for your companion animals, and there are natural products available to support their health as well.  

We Need to Hear from You!

If you're interested in certain natural products for your dog, cat, small animal, or large animal - let us know and we'll see if we can get it for you!  We're a small business but are working on expanding to fit the needs of our customers - don't be shy about letting us know what you want.  

Our Essential Oils

Try a few drops of essential oils in your fragrance free household products.  We recommend these:


About the Author

Kat Powers L.Ac. is a licensed acupuncturist recognized by the Oregon State Medical Board and the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.  She is passionate about patient advocacy and helping her patients understand alternative options.  In her free time she enjoys bullet journaling and walks with her greyhound.


Our blog is not a substitute for veterinary care.  Some animals and people can also be irritated by essential oils.  Going all-natural does not prevent allergic reactions to natural products or substances.

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