Additional Uses for Yunnan Baiyao

Additional Uses for Yunnan Baiyao

Getting to Know Yunnan Baiyao

Yunnan Baiyo is a Chinese herbal formula, modifications of which have been around for at least 100 years.  (Some medical texts from China date back to the 3rd century bce.)  It was originally developed, likely even before its patent, as an emergency formula to stop bleeding, and is primarily used in modern times to regulate the blood clotting process.  It is frequently used in the veterinary world to treat hemangiosarcoma, a form of bleeding cancerous tumor.  

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Inflammatory Bowl Disease

Some research indicates that the outcome of Inflammatory Bowl Disease can be improved with the use of Yunnan Baiyao.  It was shown that the herbs can mediate the inflammatory response by suppressing lymphocyte growth and pro-inflammatory cytokine expression.  Yunnan Baiyao can also promote intestinal epithelial wound-healing and repair, making it a viable alternative option in treating IBD.  It may be considered as a stand alone treatment or used in addition to medications in cases of IBD, Crohn's disease, or some colitis.

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Other Uses

Data analyzed shows Yunnan Baiyao to be effective in the treatment of uterine bleeding.  This suggests that is may be used to moderate difficult, painful, and heavy menstrual flow.

It can help with skin ulcers, and it has also been shown to help in prevention and expedited healing of bed sores, or hospital induces pressure sores.  It can decrease inflammation, increase healthy circulation, and suppress the formation of the biofilm needed for a staph infection.  

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You Can Always Ask

It's always the best idea to ask your locally available Complimentary and Alternative Medical provider or acupuncturist for specific evaluation and recommendations.  You can contact us if you have questions, we do have a licensed acupuncturist available to guide you through our products or refer you elsewhere.  

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