Seasonal Health Tips (Easter/Passover)

Seasonal Health Tips (Easter/Passover)

Traveling and Digestion

According to the principles of Chinese Medicine, traveling and eating both fall within the element of Earth.  Often when when we travel we eat different foods at different times, which can change how we digest and eliminate.  Holidays can also change our eating routine, and sometimes we have larger meals.  

Epsilon Acupuncture can help with Easter and Passover feast digestion issues

More About Earth

Modern society leaves most of us deficient in the Earth department, as the Standard American Diet is difficult to digest at best.  Cold or raw foods like smoothies and salads are the healthy alternatives, but they can also tax our digestive organs.  

Managing stress, getting enough rest, and adding ginger to cold smoothies are some ways to support the Earth in our bodies.  Natural medicine has a lot to offer in the area as well.  See your local nutritionalist, acupuncturist, or naturopath for tips on how to support your digestion.  

Epsilon Acupuncture Easter Candy and digestive aid info


Sugar can be a factor in digestive distress causing bloating, gas, heartburn, and loose stool.  Most health professionals will recommend limiting your sugar intake, but if you've already eaten it there's a few things to try.

Apple cider vinegar (a spoonful in a glass of water if you don't like it straight) can help boost your stomach's ability to digest, and it's best taken before of with a meal. 

Ginger tea is a great general digestive aid, and mint tea can help too.  

Pets and Chocolate

Make sure to keep your pets away from your holiday treats.  They may be tempting to eat but chocolate and xylitol are both toxic to cats and dogs.  If your pet has eaten candy or chocolate, it's best to get them to a vet right away.  If it's not life threatening, herbs can help.  Check out our article on Curing Pills for pets.    

Epsilon Acupuncture Natural Remedies for Digestion for People and Pets

Natural Remedies

There are many remedies out there like the teas mentioned earlier.  Digestive enzymes and over the counter herbal tinctures can also help.  Hot water bottles can also be soothing to cramping stomachaches.  If you'd like some Chinese Herbs to keep on hand for digestive distress, try Curing Pills.  They can also support your body in fighting pathogens from food poisoning, and are a great addition to your natural medicine cabinet.  

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About the Author:  Kat Powers holds a MSOM from NUNM in Portland OR, and enjoys supporting and educating people about natural health topics for themselves and their pets.  

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