Yunnan Baiyao Powder (incl. Red Pill) [4g]

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Each bottle contains:

  • 4g of Powder Yunnan Baiyao
  • 1 Red Pill just under the cap

Method of use / Directions:

This formula is presented here as an economical 4g bottle for acute muscular injury or trauma, swelling, or localized inflammation. 

For sprains, bruises, twists, pulls and other muscle issues, do the following:

  • Clean and moisten the affected area or wound
  • Mix the powder with a liquid (like water, Vaseline, alcohol, etc.) to form a paste
  • Apply the paste to the affected area or wound
  • Secure in place with plaster or taped gauze

Yunnan Baiyao effects / functions:

Use on sinew injuries or closed fractures to break up accumulations of stagnant blood.  Mediates blood circulation, reduces swelling, stops pain.  

Active Ingredients:
Camphor (11%)
Capsaicin (0.25%)
Methyl salicylate (14.24%)

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Sheryl S.
United States

Excellent Customer Service and Product

Rich of Epsilon Acupunture was able to expedite my order for the Yunnan Baiyao Powder. This is for my cat who has an external lipoma and this powder helps keep it from bleeding and keeps it dry. My veterinarian had recommended trying this particular Chinese herb. I like that Epsilon offers the powder in a small jar in addition to capsule form. The jar is easier for me to just measure out a little for application.

Annette B.
United States United States

Saving my 18 yr old dogs life

Awesome. This herb is a life enhancer and the red pill works. When my dog is having a hard time walking and not eating I give him a red pill and he gets back to his normal in 24 hrs I still can't believe it. I was going to put him down a year ago.

martha h.
United States United States

Yunnan Baiyao for cancer in pets

This product is excellent in helping control bleeding in pets with cancer, specifically my cat had a tumor in her nose from adenocarcinoma. A friend's dog had the same condition and benefitted enormously from this herb. It also helps to increase their energy in a major way. I highly recommend this remedy.

Jose R.
United States United States


I got mines pretty fast and I’m happy with the product

Epsilon Acupuncture Yunnan Baiyao Powder (incl. Red Pill) [4g] Review
Barbara W.
United States United States

Prompt Delivery and Product Well Within Exp Date

Works really well to stop bleeding and infection, and also to minimize bruising (when mixed with non-petroleum jelly or similar). Leave the powder on the bleed and apply bandage over it. Keep it dry for a few days, and don't redo unless it gets wet. For bruising, you can put gauze over the area to keep the mixture from rubbing off. Again, leave it dry and only change if it gets wet. I bruise and bleed easily, a bit slow to heal, and have been using Yunnan Bioyao for decades. A curb in Tibet crumbled as I was jumping over a ravine, and I got a huge and deep bruise on my thigh. Went to a pharmacy after we got back to the hotel, showed the injury to the young saleswoman, and she immediately got the Yunnan Bioyao. Applied it as described above, and a few hours later we couldn't believe how fast it worked. Been a big fan ever since! I do still have a dent mid-thigh; that's how bad the damage was.